Lend and borrow against tokenized real-world assets.

Stay liquid and maintain exposure with a platform made to help you get more out of your tokenized RWAs.

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How It Works

Mystic Finance is the perfect liquidity market for players looking to lend and borrow against carefully curated tokenized real-world assets.

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Supply bluechip assets as a liquidity provider and earn an interest by doing so.

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Deposit your tokenized RWAs as collateral to take out loans in other assets.

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Mystic Finance has been designed to meet the trading and compliance needs of institutions.

Built for institutional investors.

Mystic Finance has been designed to meet the security and compliance expectations of professional investors, so you can tap into the power of DeFi safely and securely.

Asset-level KYC/KYB requirements.
Secure and regulated asset custody.
Trusted and vetted assets only.

The best way to diversify

Diversify your crypto holdings by gaining exposure to the space's widest selection of RWAs.

Mystic partners with the leading protocols in the space to give you permissionless exposure to the widest selection of pre-vetted RWAs. Lend to borrowers holding assets that match your risk profile and start earning.

Blue Chip Stocks.
US Treasuries.
Carbon credits.